Master the Push Draw with SKYTRAK's "The Wall" Improvement Range

Master the Push Draw with SKYTRAK's "The Wall" Improvement Range

If you’re struggling with pulling shots to the left and want to learn how to push the ball out to the right and draw it back, GOLFTEC and SKYTRAK have the perfect solution for you: "The Wall" Improvement Range. In this article, we’ll delve into this innovative improvement range and provide you with essential tips to master the push draw shot.

What is "The Wall" Improvement Range?

"The Wall" Improvement Range is part of SKYTRAK's advanced training grounds, developed in collaboration with GOLFTEC. This range features a brick wall just off the left side of the target line. The wall is designed to prevent right-handed golfers from pulling their shots to the left, instead encouraging a push draw shot shape. By practicing on "The Wall," you can improve your control and shot accuracy, making your game more consistent and effective.

Key Benefits of Practicing on "The Wall" Improvement Range:

- Structured Practice: The presence of the wall forces you to adjust your swing swing path and face to target angle, promoting better swing mechanics.

- Immediate Feedback: SKYTRAK’s launch monitor provides accurate and reliable data, helping you track your progress and make necessary adjustments from one shot to the next.

- Skill Development: Mastering the push draw will enhance your overall shot-making ability, giving you more control over your ball flight while increasing distance.

Key Tips for Success on "The Wall"

  1. Setup:

   - Point your lead elbow (left elbow for right-handed golfers) directly at the target.

   - Tuck your trail elbow (right elbow) into your ribs, ensuring the elbow crease faces straight out away from you.

   - This positioning helps promote an inside-out swing path, essential for a push draw.

  1. Alignment:

   - Turn your hips and shoulders to aim right of the center line. This open stance encourages a swing path that moves from inside to outside relative to the target line.

   - Aim the club face slightly right of the center line. This clubface position will help start the ball to the right before it draws back to the target.

  - Move the ball position slightly back of stance to help encourage a more in to out path for a right handed golfer.

  1. Execution:

   - The combination of setup and alignment will promote a shot that starts to the right of the center line and draws back.

   - Aim to achieve 7 out of 10 shots starting right and drawing back. Skilled players should hit this target, while tour players aim for 9 out of 10.

Why "The Wall" Beats Traditional Driving Ranges

Traditional driving ranges often lack the targeted structure needed to address specific swing issues like pulling shots. "The Wall" Improvement Range provides a unique and challenging environment that makes each practice session more purposeful and engaging. The wall acts as a physical barrier, forcing you to refine your swing path and shot shape to avoid hitting it. This structured practice helps eliminate bad habits and promotes more effective swing mechanics.

Progressing to the Next Level

Once you master the push draw on "The Wall," it’s time to challenge yourself further. SKYTRAK and GOLFTEC offer additional improvement ranges, each designed to address different aspects of your game. For instance, the Left to Right Command Range can help you perfect the controlled fade, providing a comprehensive approach to improving your overall shot-making skills.

Next challenge friends and family and put your newly improved skills to the test in a pressured environment.This will provide a better sense of just how your new swing mechanics will perform the next time you tee it up.


Mastering the push draw is a valuable skill for any golfer, and SKYTRAK’s "The Wall" Improvement Range offers the perfect environment to achieve this. By focusing on proper setup, alignment, and execution, you can transform your swing and gain better control over your shots. So, next time you’re on your SKYTRAK, give "The Wall" a try and experience the difference it can make in your game.

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