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How Much Space Do You Need for an Indoor Golf Simulator

How Much Space Do You Need for an Indoor Golf Simulator

If you’re like most golfers in the United States, a look out your living room window likely reveals a landscape cloaked in white, not green. 


Indeed, it’s been a long winter, and chances to do anything golf-related have been virtually non-existent since last fall. Maybe you’re to the point that you just can’t stand it anymore, and after mulling it over for the last few months, you’ve decided to bite the bullet and get yourself an indoor golf simulator.


Maybe you even played in an indoor league with your buddies, but you’re sick of having to drive into town on icy roads, pay upward of $100 an hour, and want your setup you can use in the comfort of your own home, when you want, for free.


Suppose this sounds like you, great!  This article will address one of the most overlooked parts of the home golf simulator equation how much space is needed, and why the SKYTRAK+ is the best indoor golf simulator for any room.


Where Are You Going to Put Your Indoor Golf Simulator?

We get it; you’re excited about installing your home simulator and have probably already started researching software packages, launch monitors, screens, and all the other amenities you want to include. 

But have you stopped asking yourself the all too important question of where exactly you will put your simulator?  Chances are, you’ll need more space than you might think.  And we aren’t just talking about enough room to make a full swing.

 Space needed for DIY golf sim

How Much Height Do You Need for an Indoor Golf Simulator?

You might think that the ceiling of the space where you’re going to install your simulator only needs to be high enough so that you can make a full swing with your driver.  While that’s undoubtedly true, there are also some other factors you need to consider. 

You also need to make sure your ceilings are high enough to entirely suspend the net you’ll be hitting into, that full-swing shots won’t hit the ceiling, and that a ceiling-mounted launch monitor has enough room to function correctly if you decide to go that direction. 

Depending on your indoor simulator setup, you’ll need ceilings at least eight feet high.  Nine-foot-high ceilings are optimal. 


How Much Width Do You Need for an Indoor Golf Simulator?

You’ll need plenty of width for both right- and left-handed golfers to make a swing in the space where you will put your simulator.  That’s assuming your teeing area will be in the center of the room.  If this is the case for your setup, your space should be at least 14 feet wide.  

However, if your simulator setup allows you to alter the tee placement from one side to the other for both left and right-handed golfers, you can get away with a space 10 feet wide. 

The bottom line is you want to make sure you can swing freely and unencumbered without fear of hitting the wall on either side. 


How Much Length or Depth Do You Need for an Indoor Golf Simulator?

The last dimension you need to consider when considering an indoor golf simulator is the length or depth of the space.  How much depth your simulator space needs most often depends on the simulator you will use.  

Regardless of the simulator you decide to use, factors you should consider in terms of depth are the distance from the tee to the screen, having adequate space behind the screen so that the impact of shots won’t dent your wall, and ensuring you have enough room behind to swing comfortably. 

All told a space with a length or depth of 18 feet should give you plenty of room.  Ideally, it would be best to have two feet behind the screen, the teeing area 10-12 feet from the screen, and seven feet behind the tee to swing unobstructed. 


Why the SkyTrak+ Is the Best Indoor Golf Simulator for Any Space

When the first SkyTrak launch monitor came to market in 2014, it was already ahead of the game in terms of functions and features. And the SKYTRAK+ has even more to offer than its predecessor. The official simulator of GOLFTEC golf stores, the SKYTRAK+ is incredibly accurate, features all-new club and shot data metrics, and has countless virtual courses and practice modes to ensure you’ll never get bored. 


Best Features of the SkyTrak+ Golf Simulator

It's tough to know where to begin when listing all the features that set the SKYTRAK+ apart.  Below, we’ve listed some of the ones that stand out most. 

  • High-Speed Camera: The first thing that stood out to me about the SkyTrak+ was that it uses a high-speed camera rather than Doppler radar to capture shot and clubhead data. Not only is the high-speed camera more accurate than the Doppler radar employed by other devices, but it also allows you to use it in a more confined space. With Doppler radar, you must place the launch monitor at least seven feet behind you. 
  • Indicators that are Easy to See: Cosmetically, three significant indicators on the top of the machine indicate power, WiFi, and status.  These displays are bright and easy to read, so you’ll never have to question what’s happening with the SKYTRAK+. 
  • Operating System Compatibility: Yet another stark advantage of the SkyTrak+ is its compatibility with various operating systems.  Whereas other simulators are limited in this regard, the SKYTRAK+ works with iOS, Android, and PC systems. 
  • Easy Initial Setup: Many launch monitors require an inordinate amount of time for initial setup. Not so with the SKYTRAK+. It shouldn’t take more than an hour, and the process is relatively simple. You must create your SKYTRAK account, download the software to whatever device you use, bind it to your e6 Connect account, install the appropriate firmware, and pair the SkyTrak+ with your device.  This can be done via WiFi or with the USB connecting cable, which is included.  You’ll be up and running in no time at all.  
  • Easy Positioning: Once you’re ready to start using the SkyTrak+, it’s straightforward to position compared to other launch monitors.  As we said earlier, other Doppler radar simulators must be perfectly positioned to record accurate shot data.  This requires constant readjustment until you get everything just right. That’s not the case with SKYTRAK+. Place it 18 inches to the side of your teeing area, and a red dot will be emitted on the ground before you. Place the ball on the red dot, and you’re ready. 
  • Display Clarity: Another feature that stands out with the SKYTRAK+ is the clarity of its display.  While the display of other launch monitors can appear fuzzy or grainy, the display of the SKYTRAK+ is by far the most straightforward and realistic on the market. 
  • Easily Accessible Shot Data : Many launch monitors require extra steps in between shots to access shot and clubhead data. This can break your rhythm and unnecessarily consume a lot of time.  With SKYTRAK+, your essential data is displayed in the software’s default view. To get more intricate data, click “shot details,” and you’ll have instant access to every imaginable metric. Additionally, you get red, yellow, and green feedback for launch angle, descent angle, and spin rate for every shot you hit.  These colors tell you if you’re in the optimal range for each metric on a given shot. Lastly, if you’re tired of seeing the shot tracer and just want the raw data, you have to switch to the numeric display mode, and all your data will appear right before you. 

 Golf sim shot data screen

Does the SkyTrak+ Require a Subscription?

Although the SKYTRAK+ has an optional subscription fee, it’s relatively nominal and more than worth it. 

Basic Package

Without the additional subscription, the SKYTRAK+ comes with the “Basic” package, which includes a practice range and all the data metrics.


Game Improvement Package

For $129.99 per year, the “Game Improvement” package opens up some cool features that aren’t included in the “basic” package. 

Our favorite feature in the “Game Improvement'' package is bag mapping.  Bag mapping allows you to enter your intended distances and then walks you through all the clubs in your bag.  Once you’ve hit enough shots, the SKYTRAK+ will give you average yardage for each club.  This is tremendously helpful in helping you understand your entire game in detail. 

Once you’ve completed the bag mapping exercise, we recommend moving on to this plan's skills assessment.  Again, you’ll present a targeted distance for each club and hit a series of shots.  When you’re done, the SKYTRAK+ will give you a handicap for each club to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

The wedge matrix is another feature we’ve found useful.  The wedge matrix lets you hit complete, ¾, ½, and ¼ swing shots with up to four wedges to dial in your yardages. 

Lastly, the “Game Improvement” package allows you to utilize the challenge feature. You can have closest-to-the-pin and long-drive contests that give points based on your performance on each shot. This is an excellent feature if you’re practicing with others. 


Play and Improve Package

At $249.99, the “Play and Improve” package includes everything in the “Basic” and “Game Improvement” packages, but it allows you to use the SKYTRAK+ as an accurate indoor golf simulator. 

As a simulator, you can use the SkyTrak+ with E6 Connect, WGT by Top Golf, the Golf Club 2019, Creative Golf 3D, and Fitness Golf. 


What Do You Get with the SKYTRAK+ Golf Simulator? 

The SKYTRAK+ is hands down the most comprehensive, user-friendly launch monitor affordable for most golfers in 2024.  And there’s no question it boasts some significant improvements from the version that was released in 2014. 

In all, the SkyTrak+ measures:

  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Backspin
  • Sidespin
  • Side Angle
  • Carry Distance
  • Roll Out
  • Total Distance
  • Distance Offline
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Angle of Descent
  • 3-D Flight Path
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path
  • Face Angle
  • Face to Path
  • Face to Target     

You get the SKYTRAK+ launch monitor and simulator, a connective USB cable, and a Quick Start Guide and Manual. 


Final Thoughts on the SKYTRAK+

There’s no question the SKYTRAK+ is the best indoor golf simulator for any space. It measures many vital data points, has plenty of different modes and features to keep your practice and play dynamic, the display is crystal clear, and it’s more than affordable compared to the competition based on what you get. If you’re stuck at home waiting for the snow to melt like so many golfers this time of year, the dream of having your in-home simulator is closer than you think.  Once you’ve determined you have enough space, we highly recommend choosing SKYTRAK+. 

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