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Creative Golf - Golfisimo

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Introducing Golfisimo: the perfect blend of fun and competition for novices and enthusiasts.

  • Versatile Gaming: Hone skills like chipping accuracy and shot precision while playing under time constraints.
  • Integrated Experience: Can function as a standalone or be seamlessly merged with Creative Golf version 2.5 or higher.
  • Familiar Game Types: Delight in popular games such as Mini Golf, Demolition Golf, Easy Golf, and Target Golf.
  • Exclusive Golfisimo Games: Dive into unique experiences with Barrels, Darts, Grand Slam, Biathlon, Bridges, Shooting Range, Castaway, and Battlefield.

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Games for the Whole Family

Product Overview

Designed for all, from children to seasoned players, Golfisimo enhances your golfing experience with games that hone chipping accuracy and shot precision, challenging you under time constraints. Standalone or integrated with Creative Golf version 2.5 or higher, the seamless merge of the two offers an enriched interface with extended game types. Dive into familiar fun with Mini Golf, Demolition Golf, Easy Golf, and Target Golf or explore Golfisimo's exclusive games like Barrels, Darts, Grand Slam, Biathlon, Bridges, Shooting Range, Castaway, and Battlefield. Elevate your entertainment and skills with Golfisimo.


Fun From Around the World

Golfisimo contains fun courses also available in Creative Golf, courses that expand game types offer something entirely new for your entertainment.

Game Modes
  • Target Golf: Score points by hitting the center of a target.
  • Easy Golf: Short courses including Pitch & Putt, PAR3, and kids' golf.
  • Mini Golf: Courses focused on putting; from adventure golf to standard mini-golf.
  • Demolition Golf: Hit objects with the ball for explosive animations and earn points.
  • Darts: Reduce a fixed score to zero or achieve the maximum points in rounds.
  • Barrels: Two-player chipping game; sink barrels underwater by hitting them.
  • Bridges: Connect city parts by building bridges between islands.
  • Grand Slam: A golf game with scoring and rules reminiscent of tennis.
  • Shootout: Hit floating ice blocks in a timed setting to earn points.
  • Castaway: Move from island to island with minimum strokes, avoiding sharks.
  • Battlefield: Two teams aim to occupy fields, inspired by the historic War of Roses.
  • Biathlon: Maintain stroke consistency and aim under time pressure across a course.
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