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Unlocks The Golf Club 2019 if you have already purchased The Golf Club.
  • 170,000+ courses
  • High-detail terrain data
  • High visual quality gameplay
  • Optimized dynamic shadows
  • Improved ball physics

*IMPORTANT NOTE: To take advantage of this special offer, you must be an existing customer with a registered copy of The Golf Club. You will need to provide your existing license key during the upgrade procedure in order to upgrade your system to The Golf Club 2019 successfully. If you do not have an existing license key, you can not upgrade and are not eligible for this item.

Your activation instructions and license code will be emailed within 5 minutes of purchase to the email address on your account.

*Requires a paid SkyTrak Membership Plan

** Only compatible with Windows (PC) devices, checkout system requirements below.

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Play Courses from Around the World

Product Overview

Introducing TGC 2019: the pinnacle of home golf simulation. Teaming up with SkyTrak, The Golf Club is thrilled to present over 170,000 high-definition courses, set in lifelike terrains and enhanced with optimized shadows, richer details, and 4K Ultra HD resolution. This next-generation system offers gameplay so vivid, you'll almost feel the breeze! Beyond its impressive realism, TGC 2019 is armed with impeccable ball physics, echoing the authenticity the series is celebrated for. Fancy a unique challenge? Utilize the course editor to design tailor-made courses, intricately crafting every corner. Whether you're looking to share a game with friends locally or challenge competitors globally in worldwide tournaments and online tours, TGC 2019 transforms your home into the heart of the golfing world.


Our Favorite TGC 2019 Courses

  • Pacific Dunes 2020 (L)
  • Wolf Creek Golf Club
  • Pebble Beach
  • Quarry @ Giants Ridge (L)
  • Sand Hills GC Lidar
  • Firethorn National

One of the best parts of The Golf Club 2019 is its huge selection of courses. There are over 150,000 available, and you can also design your own. In reality, you’ll only play a smaller selection of well-designed ones. But some people have taken the time to map out most major courses and some of their local favorites.

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